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like the slatts of my blinds, you flip with one tug.

if angeled one way, you shut out the world.

if tilted in the opposite direction, you are an open book for all to view.

the generousity of a pauper brings wealth to those in need, and in return may have a throne in his kingdom in the afterlife.



weep like the willow that knows of nothing else.

a stranger stands before me encapsulated with the same blood.

you have been infused with the weakness you fear and your true spirit is longing to burst through your core.

help arrives and you signal it to drive on past.

lay in your pool of misery until salvation is claimed by non other then a girl with her long chestnut hair and her toothless grin.

wrap yourself in the fabric of the dress you longed for because that was the last time you knew what you desired.


slumber comes with ease as your day concludes.

burdens crumbled to the pavement before your key entered its match.

dimples apeared as the familiar sound bounced off our drums, and relief released from my lungs.

although recurring, there is comfort in routine.


with a lifetime of cracks, a puzzle is formed.

the dam gives way and all that it held is released from it’s capture.

much of it’s contents will nourish it’s surroundings, but some will cause decay that will need tended to.

those who thrive will benefit from what has been instilled.

brown windows

waves of three hundred count cover up to the brim.

i lay still unwilling to let warmth escape.

my cute little alarm sounds quietly in the next room, but is content with the array of distraction that accompanies him.

i take in one more breath to relish this feeling and rise to my role that i have been blessed with.

my feet feel the chill as they peek out from the covers, but look forward to taking a few steps to reach the innocent brown windows of my first creation.


three points and a representation of life.

your journey has now truely begun.

release your abundance prior to today and start anew.

thoughts of others should fall and be absorbed by the ground as you are reborn to flourish from this day forth.


kind words dripping with daggers.

a fork stuck straight into mid sentence.

comprehension is null and yet guilt falls on shoulders of the innocent.

the blame is welcome with open arms so things will settle.

the white wings have spread and surrender soars above in hopes of being graced with a method of ease.

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