Monthly Archives: January 2012


your diamonds trickle like the rain from my drain.

beauty is in the eye as you spend with the trend.

a curse behind the smile.

a tear beneath the lash.

salvation will come to those deserving.



sliced accross the flesh, perforations are made.

six to be exact.

peel away the surface to reveal the meat.

savor each bite, for when all is consumed….

you may still feel empty inside.


the bubbles float up to the surface one by one.

the pot begins to rumble with fury as though it is about to combust.

the peak is reached and a loud whistle is expelled.

pour out all that is dead so that we are only left with the condensation.


confident in my concept of creation, i set forth on a path of nature.

this path was short, and my choice of support unwise.

stripped of my certitude, this vision was given no validation.

divinity and the source of my being came together to escort me to you.

in your presence i was enveloped with comfort.

perfectly peppered tresses, a veil of patchouli, and pearls fastened to each cheek.

you are the embodiment of serenity.

with my two births, natures course was taken because of you.


hands tediously stroke past sedentary numbers.

subtle transformations are acknowledged, then placed into a box for safe keeping.

i look over my shoulder and with one glance turn to stone.

a decade is swept away, but has left it’s mark on my shell.


feet shuffle toward the ledge.

toes grasp the plank.

legs decorated with diamonds of the sea.

the destination is enchanting, but the passage is with great effort.


startled by childs play, sympathy is now possible.

i swallowed my heart following it’s giant leap of fear.

breath becomes steady again.

i must drain what my eyes have absorbed by violation.

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