Monthly Archives: February 2012


grass grows on ground previously battered by natures mother.

peaks and valleys stroked by the gentle giant.

fingers glide along the surface.

blades feel like the soft outer layer of a ripened peach.

temperatures will change and subtle sumptuous sentiments will turn cold and crisp.



fear is cracked on the circumference of question.

preparing for turmoil and hoping for security.

full belly

/we ate here./

welcomed by creamy mint walls and a friendly voice.

five star service with modern embrace.

the day is waiting as we leave with full belly.

booted limbs

a soul seasoned with variety of spice.

an embodiment of strength balanced on shoulders as booted limbs trench through soil laid before your time.

a burden lingers, but only knowledge is absorbed.

devastation is harvested and productivity will emerge.


hands make waves with resistence of wind.

inhale fuel of lungs and expel all that is futile.

fingers become tangeled in tousled tresses as dreams form behind lids of luxury.


the bait is taken by another.

the pressure.

the treasure.

the looks.

the hooks.

no need for me to condone.

the decision is yours alone.


carved and twisted while hot, you are molded by your surroundings.

the crisp air hardens you and your shape is complete.

this new form is juxtaposed with a soul that does not match.

choose to lie in the flames again and embrace the simplicity of your sultry silhouette.

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