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sink beneath the moral equator.

bask in the glory of accomplishment.

shed no tear for less fortunate.

relish warmth in this wonderful world, and you must save your fur for the next.



sealed to the wind.

free; not pinned.

absorbed by cotton.

released and forgotten.

tears are shed.

from rise until bed.

eyes open wide.

start fresh with a stride.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Poster

numb to the flicks reeled in by tricks.

avoid the circumference of truth.

live in your head, in your bed, a body of lead.

step outside, no longer hide, a vision of pride.


sterile is the silence that severs the storm.

clusters of calm come easy.

revel in the realm of relaxation for it will soon cease.


strangers connected by song riding in on waves of a jockey.

for me… whispers in the background to calm the cries from the cradle.

for her… a journey from belted words to full stadium.

sacrificial lamb

the daily grind of blue-collar corporate slaves.

crank the clock to calibrate life.

a sacrificial lamb to provide for petite clones of what you could have been.

legally blondes

Legally Blondes Poster

sugar-coated bubble gum and retinas start to roll.

drown the sound with a crunch or sweet valley takes a toll.

wading through the waves of pink; searching for my soul.

a life lesson does emerge; the producer had a goal.

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