Monthly Archives: April 2012


colors of love explode into beauty.

apples of pain from joy in your presence.

circle around with wings that flutter.

embrace with strength our bond of forever.


wise and water

conversation runs with a moon on her back.

an abundance of smiles poured over.

with life’s companion in a cup, no other nourishment should be desired.

ready or not

comfort has settled long enough for it to feel unwelcome.

the drive is hiding in a nearby closet longing to be found.


exhilaration overcomes and lashes flutter.

the prey is prepared for the pounce.

reservation for fear of condemnation.

perhaps in the ball of crystal the vision will come to fruition.

little bird

little bird cries are heard by my heart.

control and compose, for this is just the start.

on edge with every peep that travels.

give way to love and the night unravels.


enticed by a dream.

motivated by potential.

lifted with a need.

the results are essential.

family feud

patience for those who are nameless to me.

discretion is used when i want to break free.

smiles are given with a tranquil glance.

control is maintained with an early romance.

tortured and twisted inside my head.

thoughts of thorned words lie with me in bed.

dirty my fingernails with earth, and scream into a hole.

search for a shower, to scrub and clean my soul.

my savior who gave me life and only wants the best…

arrives to offer help, but her strength is put to the test.

all that i hold is unleashed on her.

instead of showing love i release my temporary cure.

anger is given to those we love the most.

box it, wrap it, tie it tight, and let the evil coast.

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