Monthly Archives: May 2012


link to the brink in a pool of ink.

swim on a whim, but stay close to the rim.

choose; don’t lose your daily muse.


pen to paper

slip from the metal with the ease of a stroke.

wake with the grasp or give a light poke.

theĀ braille of the canvas has a feeling to evoke.

words are transferred from the mind and not a word was spoke.


pulled from a layer with squinted eyes.

a tear of fright and trembling thighs.

a peep when pinched and clenching teeth.

freed from skin with a sigh of relief.


sifting through memories that are filed away.

armed with knowledge and wanting to stray.

take itĀ all in and wait a day.

reason with sense and decide to stay.


skin is peeled…

coiled and hollow.

flesh is bare…

cold and exposed.

take the nourishment you seek, and leave the rest to rot.


a blanket of pain falls light on the head.

the day rolls over and covers twist in the bed.

rubbed and pierced through cartilage and skin.

if pressure is not released, endorphins may kick in.

sick baby

breath of sugar.

skin of heat.

tortured stomach.

arms of sweet.

hot to cool.

energy plateaus.

where it came from?

no one knows.

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