Monthly Archives: June 2012

brain drain

stressed and repressed.

heart pounding through my chest.

trampled and tattered.

withered and battered.

step not taken.

mind is making.


run again

visions of dancing in arms of comfort.

the bond of a song solidifies in my heart.

all is tranquil as wings appear again.

two pairs lie still as they perch on stability made by man.


utopic rivers flow to my drums.

wings of nature soar in from above.

the prey is taken as i fall in love.


patterns of pretty smell sweet and filthy.

escape from a state of lonely.

fiery rage over green herbs of sage.

deliver coated words to the phony.


flicks, then kicks, now show us your tricks in your warm watery world.

formerly floating freely, now comfortably cute and curled.


cute carbon copies with shy little grins.


energy emanates with ease from the yang and the yin.


tiny tickly toddlers, each unique within.


sisters are always close, but even closer is a twin.


nourish with nature.

thoughts of the future.

intruders; we must endure.

our bodies create a cure.

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