Monthly Archives: August 2012


tickled by tips of tenderness.

warmed by waves of wonderful.

captured in cages of condition.

tangled in times of truth.



purity of spirit

will rise from the earth.

kindness permeates

from her aura since birth.

a fresh breath of heaven in a world of self-worth.


anticipation lingers in the smog of curious.

frustration prevails in the form of furious.

spirits are high with words of ridiculous.

smiles sneak in with conditions of serious.


boundaries will bend.

people pretend.

problems will mend.

love to no end.


step to the side with your remnants of pride.

begin again fresh from a famine.

systems of snug.  slumber with your bug.

or feast on new life and start jammin.


collapse in the skull to release pressure.

begin the maze to seek treasure.

silence the pounding on your venture.

perhaps when it concludes you will find your pleasure.


an extension turns over prior to being plucked for progression.

most will crumble and be swept away by the breath of the circle.

this one was spared as eyes open.

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