Monthly Archives: September 2012


feel in the heart.

organize with the mind.

breathe in the truth,

and answers you’ll find.

have faith in G-d,

and words i will bind.

actions of love

have no limit of time.



from wallet to trash.

let’s have a bash.

when it comes to cash,

that’s where we clash.

turn wrists up and gash

with your patronizing lash.

my mind must now dash

before words become rash.


lonesome is lovely

with a fresh cup of coffee

in a world that’s on hold

with my small cup of bold

my companion; a drink

to which i think

savor the sips

as flavor hits lips.

these are a few of my favorite things

dream of a land where fairies sing.

legs become tails and arms become wings.

swimming in heels and large jeweled rings.

welcome to a world of wonderful things.


apologies to those

i’ve caused sorrow or woes.

regret lies dead in a gutter.

forgiveness goes

to friends and foes.

begin again free from all clutter.


head into clouds.

play the roll within bounds.

no worries; only sounds.

feed the soul and vanquish frowns.

josh krajcik

bumps of goose rise to the skin.

limbs of loose are warmed from within.

dance to this heart with your tonic and gin.

with a soul full of nourish, to feel nothing is sin.

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