Monthly Archives: October 2012


a mouth purged of lies.

a soul on the brink.

feed on surrounding demise,

and only you will sink.



words are absorbed through heart and mind.

each has their own image they find.

deliver with hope as our intention is kind.

soon will come the day when we all will unwind.



the devil in disguise gives threats with his eyes.

tortured about being in question.

truth will be told with swift moves of bold.

perhaps arrogance will soon learn a lesson.


a brain filled with knowledge and a mouth filled with nothing.

complicated words prevent me saying something.

lids closed to pick up the pieces misplaced.

patience will come in a permanent resting space.


bare to the soul who continues to take.

look to the heavens when caught in her wake.

sealed on the surface with words of fake.

release from her chains as you walk through the gate.


herd of ignorance

hippocracy in the veins.

ignorance in the heart.

stress in my brain.

from the beginning we will start.


rainbow of soap floats and give hope.

cradled by waves of trust.

smiles appear with a substance of clear,

and welcoming you is a must.

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