Monthly Archives: November 2012


lifted by limbs to give support.

twisted and tousled and begin to contort.

a spectator with love, although not my sport.


hOur glass CanDle

sand of quick funnels down.

as i’m sick of the sound.

of grains that flick off the ground.

light the wick and be found.


biting your tongue,

when a river wants to run.

a savior of stun,

holding captive of fun.

with head to the gun,

trigger pulled and done.


a battalion of scallions are chopped into thousands,

setting the aroma for the day.

chives take a dive to simmer and thrive.

i love cooking this way.


feed on the souls more preacious than yours.

digest slowly as your belly roars.

it festers within, then released from your pores.

karma welcomes your life of slamming doors.


for all of those like you….

who are cruel and seek reign.

for all of those like you….

who need power to produce pain.

for all of those like you….

who need fortune to have gain.

for all of those like you….

i feel pity because you’re lame.


freedom rings in the halls of my head.

thoughts stir as i lay in my bed.

eyes full of the substance i’ve been fed.

continue to feast on all that’s been said.

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