Monthly Archives: December 2012


i spy deceit with my eye.

confirmation is dry.

confrontation will not fly.

heart will not cry

when the brain tells a lie.



strength defined by the lack of woven tales.

dignity caged, hands gripping tight to rails.

scream within as the vessel smoothly sails.

circumstance is key, full and expanded truth prevails.


lines down the leather.

skin starts to weather.

eyes blink.

beauty sinks.

vanity is catered.

life is full of greater.


waving her wings.

with silence she sings.

sharing her day with the world.

she swallows her pride.

no attempts to collide.

love lives it’s life for this girl.


relate to the great of open eyes.

offend those who send a look of despise.

reaction or lack one when questions arise.

love lifes dove. speak truth; no lies.


ears embrace the magnificence of many.

heart will chase the emotion of few.

songs meant to chill the nape of necks ready.

a story will be heard, but lashes laced to view.


shoes of the brave.

toes curl; not crave.

short ride on a wave.

pure freedom to fates slave.

road crushed, must pave.

eyes open, now save.

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