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captured fly

trapped inside a cocoon of skin

a plethora of windows but still caged in.

move and jump and flutter and fight.

wings of silence no longer take flight.



rejuvenation and celebration from a previous annihilation.

with fingers pressed around a wick of unrest.

a burning flame rekindled in your name.

such impeccable time on a day of divine.


tore my heart to lay and beat.

dropping nails from mouth of creep.

tortured soul must never sleep.

for someone must have cut him deep.

listening to… “let her go”

blades of green across the way.

we only peek in times of grey.

blinders are futile if you want to stray.

inner strength and to G-d I pray.

that blades of greens will stay at bay.


empty space

in a sacred place.

a foundation of disgrace,

but a vision gives face.


transfer mind

to a world of kind.

cherish, don’t bind

as love will find.

knots unwind

in the meat of the rind.


forgiveness is lost.

endure with caution.

truth behind words

escape lips of exhaustion.

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