listening to… “let her go”

blades of green across the way.

we only peek in times of grey.

blinders are futile if you want to stray.

inner strength and to G-d I pray.

that blades of greens will stay at bay.



center of chalice, swim in the grim.

fold into self and open to win.


peel me off the pavement; dust the pebbles from my skin.

the imprints will not plump, but over time will settle in.

there is no forgetting dormant words from your head.

regret is never present after superior thoughts are said.

blank is my stare; hope is my wish.

open my eyes come morning and give my kids a squish.




child’s mind

the cost to me in a child’s mind is nothing more then if i were blind.

if i were blind then i would see so much more of you and me.

of you and me i wish to find the reason for this child’s mind.


soul is compressed from my heart in my chest.

withering away without reason.

cherish its moan from a place that’s unknown.

one day enlightenment will be pleasing?


empty space

in a sacred place.

a foundation of disgrace,

but a vision gives face.


eyes wide.

along for the ride.

intuition on my side.

freedom we’ll imbibe.

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