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breath taken.

tears fall.

you collapse.

others crawl.

a life taken.

another will rise.

with strength, and will, and the warmth of your eyes.

i hold you close and chase you faster.

i can’t bare to lose your smile or laughter.

the comfort and caress of your gentle hand.

you would bring mine to your lips for a kiss to land.

your arms would reach down and then time changes hands.

i am grateful our love surpassed any plans.

you shared your heart, and with you i share mine.

bound by blood…..

bound by love…..

until the end of time.



perfectly perforated people are sewn by the machine.

glisten and glow like glass with valiant effort to keep clean.

standing sturdy and singled out; my love without a doubt.

sweep me up when i’m defeated.

level me out if seeming conceited.

tales of fairy can come true.

my life is warm when i have you.



boundaries will bend.

people pretend.

problems will mend.

love to no end.


little lady love dances around her plate.

she scoots and shoves, but hunger was not her state.

certain foods are torture…some are a sin.

indulge in your weakness and your future will not win.

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