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tore my heart to lay and beat.

dropping nails from mouth of creep.

tortured soul must never sleep.

for someone must have cut him deep.



ceased and tangled.

in a web, i am wrangled.

time for a meal of misfortune.

released by her fangs.

my protected soul hangs.

gather entrails with contortion.


marvelous marbles of mik travel through my soul.

they spiral down around my heart and make my life feel whole.

delicate little digits wrap around my neck.

then pull away to search for lips to give a precious peck.

with every moment passing you become less coy.

i will always hear feet slap wood and see my baby boy.


soul pierced by unwelcomed eyes.

mortar is spread and kissed with bricks.

save your breath for straw and sticks. Continue reading


fluffy grey clouds disappear from the winterfresh sky.

brittle branches bow to the heavens giving thanks.

segregate the soul from the body and emptiness will reign.

wrap yourself up in a tight little bow, for you are about to be consumed.

blonde ambition

ambition and blonde is what i think of you.

courageous and advantageous i must admire too.

strip away the bombshell and all the golden locks.

most are left with nothing, but you are left with lots.

others would feel empty as a void would remain.

you would feel nourished along with the family love in your domain.

skip along your path and choose to feed your soul.

fate will follow on your heels as soon as you feel whole.

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